As we’re now two months into the new year I’m sure many have been thinking about this year and what it might hold for them, 2017 is an unknown. We can either sit back and just do what is familiar and let the days, weeks and months pass by, or we can take steps to make changes to our lives that will help improve our dreams and goals for the future.


If you live in Europe, then speaking, reading and writing in English at B2 level is a must. B1 will open up university and B2 will open up a variety of jobs in various countries.


The best way to learn English to an acceptable standard, no matter how old you are is to spend time with English speaking people, whether that’s living with an English family for a period of time, studying at an English Language school, skyping or speaking on the phone regularly with English people.


Which ever avenue you decide to take, make sure you ask them to correct any mistakes whilst talking that way you can work to improve your common mistakes.


There are many language schools around the United Kingdom, so how do you go about choosing the right one for you?


  • Write a list of what’s important to you, i.e. being in a city or by the cost, is there an area or something that your interested in
  • Cost
  • Course required
  • Size of school and/or classes
  • Accommodation preference
  • Location
  • Recommendation


And finally


Ask if the teachers CELTA qualified and how much individual assistance will they get.


So once you’ve decided to take the next step, do your research into the area and the school to make sure you make the best choice to improve and change your future.