Studying at language schools in Liverpool has changed drastically over the course of 2020. Rest assured, Imagine English have implemented numerous safety measures to ensure our students are in good hands. We understand it is an anxious time and that coming to class might seem a bit daunting, however we have done everything possible to ensure your safety.

Face Masks and Visors

Language schools in Liverpool have made it mandatory to wear a face covering due to the pandemic. We here at Imagine English have asked students to wear masks at all time in the school. Our language teachers are wearing visors. This means that students get the opportunity to watch lip dictation when our teachers are pronouncing words. We understand that it is difficult to understand people when they are wearing masks, so we have made the best of an extremely challenging situation.


In order to make studying at our language school in Liverpool as safe as possible, we are implementing a staggering policy. We have built a structured timetable to ensure there is a safe amount of people in the building at a certain time. This removes the problematic issue of large numbers of people crossing in the hallway or being present in the language school at one time.

Hand Sanitizer

Throughout out language school, you will find hand sanitizer readily available. We would ask students to sanitize on arrival and after the lesson has finished. We believe it is important at our language school to make cleanliness our up most priority.

Reduced Class Sizes

Our school have made six the capacity class size, at our language school in Liverpool. Each student gets allocated a desk to themselves. Therefore, making social distancing viable always within Imagine English. Students are separated at a safe two metre distance during class, in accordance with the World Health Organisation guidelines.

Continuous Cleaning

We are sanitizing all areas of our language school on a regular basis. At the end of every lesson, chairs and tables are being wiped down by our members of staff. We are making every effort to be the cleanliest language school in Liverpool.

We understand that it is a worrying time for everyone. Imagine English have implemented these measures to ensure that students can return to learn English in a safe and comfortable manner. We have a limited amount of places left of our English courses and would advise to contact us as soon as possible.