Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself whilst studying English? With parts of the UK and the rest of the world going back into stricter measures, we are here to give you the motivation you need. We know how tough it can be to concentrate with everything going on in the world. However, we want to help give you that extra drive to succeed! Imagine English’s teachers have collective experience of being students and teachers in a Language School. We know the benefits and are aware of the amazing progress you can make in an online setting.

Flexible Timetable

More time on your hands? Imagine English can build the timetable around your needs. The pandemic provides this uncertain nature of things changing daily. We are on hand to be as flexible as we possibly can for our students. Imagine English want to help you achieve your English ambitions at a time that is convenient for you. An advantage of home study is the fact that you can study at your convenience.

Get into a Routine

Feeling frustrated about the current lack of structure? It is important to have some structure to your week. In these difficult times when we are being told to stay at home, doing small positive things daily has a positive impact on your mental health. Finding time to study English everyday will have a major positive impact on your life. You will be spending your additional time wisely and give yourself a sense of achievement at the end of everyday.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Of course having a great English teacher is one of the most important parts of studying English. With Imagine English, you will have an experienced and qualified teacher that cares for your needs. See what out students have said about our teachers in the past on our Google Reviews.

Upskilling is Key

Due to the on-going pandemic, the job market is becoming increasingly more competitive. Speaking English as a second language will give you an incredible boost to your CV. Spend your time in the house wisely by giving you a skill that will have long term benefits. It will give you a head start when applying for a job that requires English.

Imagine English has a range of flexible online courses to suit your needs. Check out what our past students have said about studying English with Imagine English. Don’t give up on English now. Let’s all use this extra time at home to boost our skills. There is no better time to start improving your English than now.