Imagine English Language Academy in Liverpool is now a listed SELT course provider.

We provide preparation courses in the following exams:

  1. GESE Grade 2 A1 Speaking and Listening
  2. GESE Grade 3 A2 Speaking and Listening
  3. The GESE Grade 5 B1 Speaking and Listening

Who is a SELT Preparation Course for?

This course is to prepare you for the SELT exam needed for your Home Office visa application in the UK or entry application to a UK University.

The preparation course will prepare you for the exam but you need to be the correct level of English to pass this exam. If you are not the correct level a 4 hour preparation course will not help you reach the level required.

What will the SELT preparation course involve?

Our preparation courses cover all the training you need to help you confidently sit for the A1 / B1 & B2 SELT Test. We provide SELT preparation courses to ensure candidates are fully prepared for their tests and pass first time. They will cover all assets of language learning including speaking and listening.

Imagine English is now a SELT course provider and we can’t wait to help you make your first steps towards passing your SELT exam. Please contact us for further information.