Enhance your Imagine English course by using our 5 ways to practise English outside of the classroom. There is no better way to boost your confidence than by applying the skills taught in practise. If you want to learn English fluently, you need to continuously push yourself in and outside of the classroom. Imagine English in Liverpool have come up with a variety of fun ways to continuously practise your English.


You can use Netflix to become a very powerful learning English tool. Our advice to you from the language school is to create your own “Language Learning” profile on your account. This profile can be used specifically for shows you are watching, with the specific aim of learning English. Then make sure you adjust the subtitles to a larger font. This gives you the benefit of simultaneously practising your reading and listening skills.

Language Exchange Apps

Did you know that there are a variety of language exchange apps? You get the opportunity to practise reading, writing and talking (over voice notes) with a native speaker. They in will return will want to practise your native language with you. A win, win scenario for the both of you. You can put the skills you learn at Imagine English into practise.


Read in English

Modern novels show your authentic ways English is used every day. Textbooks will not always do this, because they are designed for a simpler lesson. Reading novels will test your level and expand your vocabulary. You can begin by buying intermediate books to build up your confidence, before moving onto more complex pieces with a dictionary. Accordingly, by reading novels you are interacting with a language as they are down to interpretation.

Watch English News Clips

Every single day of the week you can practise your English by watching a 5 minute clip of the news in English. Television broadcasters such as BBC and Sky News have short videos of the news located all over their websites. Did you also know that the BBC have some short series dedicated to intermediate level learning English. We here at Imagine English can give you the language learning tools to be able to comprehend the daily news.



Podcasts are so practical because they can be listened to anywhere at any time. You could be walking to an Imagine English lesson and be listening to a podcast. What better way to pass by a commute than by immersing yourself in learning English? Imagine English advice listening to the podcast a couple of times to pick up all the vocabulary, followed by reading the transcript (if available) and then by practising the vocabulary you have learnt.

There are so many ways that you can apply practising English every day. We have a variety of courses to give you the tools to improve your English. We can help you on your English journey today and help you every step of the way. Contact us today.