Introducing the Occupational Expert Test (OET) preparation course. Are you a healthcare professional looking to come to the UK to work? We are proud to announce that we here at Imagine English are introducing the Occupational Expert Preparation Course. The OET is mandatory for healthcare professionals. The Occupational Expert Test (OET) is specifically designed to replicate a variety of healthcare scenarios. The global pandemic means the UK is trying to bolster its healthcare workforce and now is the time to maximise your chances of passing your OET by completing our specifically designed preparation course.

What is the OET?

It is a series of industry-specific tests that examine all four language competencies (reading, writing, listening, speaking). The tests are conducted to ascertain prospective medical professionals have an effective language level to communicate with patients.

Why do it?

“Fail to prepare and prepare to fail”. The OET pass rate score is a general requirement that is asked of all non-native English healthcare professionals to provide. A major obstacle of effective healthcare is limited language proficiency. OET is specifically designed to cover a range of critical situations to determine all four core skills of learning a language. Imagine English can help you springboard your career in working in the medical profession within an English speaking country. Doing our specifically designed course will give you the best possible preparation.

What are the pass rate requirements?

The General Medical Council (GMC) requires doctors to score a B in OET on all four competency tests. Alternatively, they require at least 7.0 on an IELTS test which we here at Imagine English can offer too. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) require a score of a B in OET on the four tests as well. NMC requires a 7 in reading, listening and speaking on the IELTS test and a 6.5 on writing.

How can I do it?

We know that flexibility is key at the moment, which is why we have decided to offer the course both in the classroom in Liverpool and online. On completion of the preparation course, you can then take your test at a centre in Liverpool or you can take it online in your native country.

When can I do it?

We are thrilled to announce that all the details of our brand new OET preparation courses are going to be live on our website next week. The course will last for 30 hours of classroom time and will be running over the space of 2-3 weeks. With the current situation, we are expecting very high interest in the preparation course, so in the meantime, if you are interested please contact us.

Our OET preparation course is a flexible, industry-specific and crucial preparation for your career as a healthcare professional in the UK and beyond. OET is recognised in the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and many more. Take your first steps to ensure you pass the mandatory English examination by completing Imagine English’s preparation course. Keep an eye on our website next week to get the full details and we can’t wait to help you. Don’t delay, contact us today.