Learning English abroad may seem a daunting prospect. We here at Imagine English understand this and want to help you adjust to culture shock. Our staff are experienced in welcoming students from all around the world to Liverpool. We are not just here to teach you English. Our aim is to support you throughout your time in our city. It is only natural to feel a little overwhelmed on arrival, but rest assured we will help you. This week’s blog looks at ways you can adjust to a new culture in Liverpool.

Be Open Minded

We understand it is a challenging moment to relocate. The best method of adjusting to a new culture is by being open-minded. If you throw yourself into everything and have the mindset of everything new is a learning curve, then you have won half the battle. Turn the shock into an adventure or a challenge and give everything a go. You never know, you might find new hobbies or interests.

Make Friends

You can adjust to life in Liverpool, by making friends and connections with other people in the same situation as you. Imagine English has numerous students from all around the world, who will be feeling the same as you. It is reassuring to know that someone else is going through the exact same experience as you. The experience of learning English in Liverpool is enhanced my making friends and connections in the city. Liverpool has so much to offer from a social side of things, that this is crucial to a good experience.

Make an effort with the Language

You are already doing the right thing. By signing up to an Imagine English course, you are giving the language a go. We have numerous courses tailored to your English needs. You will reap instant benefits as you can put your newfound skills in practise with the local people. The best way of meeting people is by being fearless with your language skills. Learning English with Imagine English will really help you to adjust to a new culture in Liverpool.

Maintain a sense of Humour

Liverpool is a city famed for its humour. Famous comedians such as Ricky Tomlinson and John Bishop come from this city. Alongside humour, is the warm and friendly spirit of the people here. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a language error. The people in this city are really relaxed and most people would admire your efforts. Just smile and do not worry about it. Learning English in Liverpool has the added benefit that people are not so serious here. The mistakes will help you learn for the future.

Stay Active

Healthy body means a healthy mind. Liverpool has an array of sporting facilities at your disposal. There are numerous reasonably priced gyms that offer all sorts of contract or contract less deals. Getting moving is scientifically proven to have a positive impact on the mind. Therefore, this will lead to easier adaptation to a new environment and a positive attitude. If the gym isn’t your thing, then just walking in one of Liverpool’s three stunning parks will help.

Stay Positive

There is undoubtedly going to be challenges along the way. Learning English in Liverpool is going to have such a positive impact on your life. We advise to always stay positive throughout the challenges that language learning bring. We can’t always be perfect. Those who are experts at anything, where beginners one day. Stay positive and enjoy the journey.

Imagine English have the years of experience and even more understanding. We are here to help you with every element of your language learning journey. Learning English has so many benefits. We understand the challenges that come with it and we want you to know, that we are here for you. Check out our range of courses here. Contact us today for all things language learning.