When you welcome an international student into your home, you and your family will experience different cultures which will open your family’s eyes to the world. Hosting an international student will help them learn English faster and enable them to experience the English culture on their learning journey.

Here are just a few reasons to host with Imagine English Language Academy:

  • Give your family the world: your family will share British culture with your student- and they’re eager to learn! At the same time, your student will bring their own culture into your home.
  • Imagine English is with you every step of the way: we are committed to making things as easy  and as enjoyable as possible for your family.
  • Financial Renumeration: our host families are an important part of our English tuition.  We offer our students both half board (bed, breakfast and dinner) and full board (bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner) accommodation.  You will receive weekly payments every Wednesday.

Welcoming an international student into your home is rewarding in so many ways. If you are interested in finding out more about hosting, please fill out the contact form below or email us direct at info@imagineenglish.com to learn how you can become a host family, receive weekly payments and help us in our mission to teach international students and we will be in touch! Contact us today on the form below.