Project Description

Do you need to learn English but cannot afford or spare the time to travel to the UK? 

As well as studying English to communicate with native English speakers, we also understand that learning English has become critical for people getting a job or a promotion within their existing job. We also are aware that travelling to the UK to join an English language school is a luxury that many people cannot afford or just don’t have the time to do.

You can now access Imagine English Language Academy from all over the world without leaving your home. Study at your own pace with hundreds of hours of lessons to improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Let us help you open up those opportunities for you such as making you more desirable to employers, giving you access to some of the world’s best universities etc. 

We now have an online platform to teach English, with interactive content, online courses, management of tutors with teachers online and face to face. All our teachers are CELTA/Trinity qualified 

Included in your English course: 

Level placement test (CEFR) 

Flexible timetables 

General English lessons 

IELTS exam preparation 

Cambridge, TOEFL & TOEIC exam preparation 

Conversational classes with native English speakers 

24 Hour Schedules 

Personal study plan & progress report 

Business English & job specific lessons 

Cambridge,TOEFL & TOEIC exam preparation 

Certificate for each level completed


Registration £15

Conversation class one 2 one   £8 – 30 minutes, £15 – 60 minutes 

Conversation group classes minimum of 3 £5 each- 30 minutes, £8 – 60 minutes

General English and Exam Preparation Classes including IELTS minimum of 3 £9 per hour (2 or 3 hour lessons available).  £30 per hour one 2 one. 

Business English class minimum 3 students £10 per hour, one 2 one £30 per hour.

Ask about specialised Business English, medical, finance, economics, law etc.


Tim Morley
Tim MorleyPrincipal and Director
Amanda Morley
Amanda MorleyBusiness Manager
David Fairlie
David FairlieCourse Tutor
Sophie Page-Jones
Sophie Page-JonesCourse Tutor
Pinar Beyaz
Pinar BeyazCourse Tutor
DevildaCourse Tutor

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