Imagine English offers a wide range of courses to suit adults of all ages, levels, interests and learning needs. Whether you are learning English for future studies, work, travel or for pleasure, you are sure to find a course that is right for you:
  • Choose how long you want to study for (minimum one week).
  • Choose the intensity of your course (2, 3 or 5 hours per day).
  • Choose the type of English course from the list below.
  • After the assessment either before you arrive on your first day, we will suggest a study plan to match your level of English as well as your learning objectives.
  • Your teachers will conduct weekly class tests and regular tutorials with you to maximise your learning progress.

Please see our current course prices below.

Course fees include a level test and a certificate upon completion.

Payable by all students, Attendance certificate at end of course, onsite help for students including NIN appointments



GENERAL ENGLISH (9 hours / 3 days)1-7 weeks
8-12 weeks
13+ weeks
CAMBRIDGE EXAM PREPARATION A2 – C1 (15 hours)1-4 weeks
5-9 weeks
10+ weeks
IELTS EXAM PREPARATION (6 hours)1-4 weeks
5-9 weeks
10+ weeks
GENERAL ENGLISH (15 hours) Plus
IELTS (6 hours) or
1-4 weeks
5-9 weeks
10+ weeks
GENERAL ENGLISH (15) PLUS (6 hours e.g., Conversation,
Writing etc.)
1-4 weeks
5-9 weeks
10+ weeks
GENERAL ENGLISH (25 hours)1-4 weeks
5-9 weeks
10+ weeks
ONE TO ONEOn going

£35 per hour
£300 for 10 hours
On goingPrices
available on request


Our preferred method and the easiest method of international fee payment are through the Flywire service. By using the Flywire service you are able to pay at your local bank in your home currency and will be offered a beneficial exchange rate without incurring any bank transfer charges.
All payments made in this way can be tracked 24 hours a day online. Therefore you will not need to contact Imagine English Language Academy to confirm whether or not payment has been received.
Should you have any queries about the Flywire service or your payment please do not hesitate to contact the Flywire Customer Care Team at
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Please check your invoice letter for details of how much you need to pay, you can use Flywire to pay your tuition fee deposit, balance and any other administration charges that appear on your invoice.

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