SELT Preparation Course Provider


We are proud to be registered as a Secure English Language Tests preparation centre by Trinity College London. Imagine English is the only preparation centre in Liverpool and Merseyside registered with Trinity College. Trinity Secure English Language Tests (SELTs) are approved for applications to UKVI for visas, UK visa renewal, British Citizenship and Leave to Remain. What tests are approved for Visas? There are two types of exams that we can help you with during your preparation. Firstly, we can assist you with Speaking and Listening in an English Test. These are the Graded Examinations in Spoken English (GESE) examinations in [...]

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Our English School Remains Open


We are pleased to announce that the Imagine English School remains open. Following the recently enforced national lockdown, we are allowed to stay open. We have followed government guidance in order to continue to offer a safe, secure and enjoyable environment for our students. A number of our students have given us great feedback and we want to offer the best possible service to them in these testing times. We are Open Our aim at Imagine English has always been to inspire students. There really hasn't been a better time to come to our language school. We are one of the [...]

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Studying English in Quarantine: Don’t Give Up


Are you finding it hard to motivate yourself whilst studying English? With parts of the UK and the rest of the world going back into stricter measures, we are here to give you the motivation you need. We know how tough it can be to concentrate with everything going on in the world. However, we want to help give you that extra drive to succeed! Imagine English's teachers have collective experience of being students and teachers in a Language School. We know the benefits and are aware of the amazing progress you can make in an online setting. Flexible Timetable More [...]

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Studying English at Imagine English: What Our Students Say About Us


Studying English at Imagine English in Liverpool has a longstanding excellent reputation. We are a family run language school located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre. We consistently go above and beyond for our students. It is crucial to research language schools before signing up to a course. So, who better to tell you what it is like studying English at Imagine English than our current students? This is what they had to say about us: Improving More Than I Expected "I was looking for a school to study English in Liverpool and I'm here for 2 months. I'm improving [...]

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Studying English in Liverpool: Getting Out During COVID-19


Make the most of your time whilst studying English in Liverpool. Despite the recent government restrictions, Imagine English have come up with a range of activities that you can do to enjoy Liverpool and the surrounding areas safely. We know it is a scary time, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the wonderful city of Liverpool. Hilbrid Island There are three small islands located just off the coastline of West Kirkby. You have to plan your visit to these Islands around the times of the tide. This stunning 2km walk from West Kirkby beach to the Islands can be [...]

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Learning English: Adjusting to a new culture in Liverpool


Learning English abroad may seem a daunting prospect. We here at Imagine English understand this and want to help you adjust to culture shock. Our staff are experienced in welcoming students from all around the world to Liverpool. We are not just here to teach you English. Our aim is to support you throughout your time in our city. It is only natural to feel a little overwhelmed on arrival, but rest assured we will help you. This week’s blog looks at ways you can adjust to a new culture in Liverpool. Be Open Minded We understand it is a challenging [...]

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Studying at Language Schools in Liverpool during Covid-19


Studying at language schools in Liverpool has changed drastically over the course of 2020. Rest assured, Imagine English have implemented numerous safety measures to ensure our students are in good hands. We understand it is an anxious time and that coming to class might seem a bit daunting, however we have done everything possible to ensure your safety. Face Masks and Visors Language schools in Liverpool have made it mandatory to wear a face covering due to the pandemic. We here at Imagine English have asked students to wear masks at all time in the school. Our language teachers are wearing [...]

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Practise English Outside the Classroom


Enhance your Imagine English course by using our 5 ways to practise English outside of the classroom. There is no better way to boost your confidence than by applying the skills taught in practise. If you want to learn English fluently, you need to continuously push yourself in and outside of the classroom. Imagine English in Liverpool have come up with a variety of fun ways to continuously practise your English. Netflix You can use Netflix to become a very powerful learning English tool. Our advice to you from the language school is to create your own “Language Learning” profile on [...]

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6 Benefits of Online Learning


In this week’s blog, we here at Imagine English look at the major benefits of online learning. As we all get ready for the return of the academic year, we have all had to make changes. The emergence of remote learning and working has been at the forefront of the response to the pandemic. Thankfully, there is a wide range of benefits of learning English online. Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of your English ambitions. Check out all the benefits of learning English online with Imagine English. Better Opportunity Learning English online means that students can learn English [...]

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OET Preparation Course


Introducing the Occupational Expert Test (OET) preparation course. Are you a healthcare professional looking to come to the UK to work? We are proud to announce that we here at Imagine English are introducing the Occupational Expert Preparation Course. The OET is mandatory for healthcare professionals. The Occupational Expert Test (OET) is specifically designed to replicate a variety of healthcare scenarios. The global pandemic means the UK is trying to bolster its healthcare workforce and now is the time to maximise your chances of passing your OET by completing our specifically designed preparation course. What is the OET? It is a [...]

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