The job market is so competitive at this uncertain time, so we here at Imagine English have compiled 8 English phrases that will be useful for an interview.  Learning English for business purposes could be the decisive factor within your success. Undoubtedly, being a multi-lingual is a major asset. Whether applying here in Liverpool or applying for a job abroad, a lot of roles worldwide require English as a second language.

1. “I admire the way you…”

This is a great phrase to show that you have done your research on the company that you have applied for. It will demonstrate to the interviewer that you are passionate about their company and you can relate to the positive things that you have researched.

2. “My strengths that I can bring to the job are..”

The job that you are applying for will have a certain set of skills. It will be important to demonstrate that you can match the criteria. Learning English phrases such as organisation, enthusiasm, customer service skills and multi-tasking, will all present a positive image of your strengths. Learning English as a foreign language is additionally a major strength. Improve your English to improve your strengths.

3. “I would describe myself as..”

This is a great introduction to describing your personality. It is important to be able to illustrate that you have a range of positive traits. Learning English phrases such as honest, focused, committed and trustworthy will give the employer a positive image about yourself. A strong display of a good personality can go a long way to impressing an employer.

4. “I can contribute to the organisation..”

Don’t just describe what you have done, show what you can do for them. Giving examples of your past experiences is important but an employer will be more interested to know what you can bring to the table for them. An example, of this, could be using a phrase such as “I have learnt English as a foreign language and now I will be able to communicate with clients in two different languages”. Research shows that only 38% of British people speak another language, so having two fluent languages on your CV is a massive advantage in the UK.

5. “I am passionate about…”

It is not enough to just say you are passionate but to back it up with phrases that support your desire to be there. People that are truly passionate about a role and can show it, prove to an employer that they can enhance the company through morale and a variety of positive ways. You could practise this technique before an interview by learning English phrases to describe a hobby or interest.

6. “Responsibility”

Employers want to see that you are responsible. It is important to learn phrases and words that align with this characteristic. This will show that if you are set a task or a deadline, then you will meet it. Learning English phrases such as organised, practical, prepared and efficient will display a strong sense of responsibility.

7. “Collaboration”

Are you a good team player or worked alongside another department in a previous role? Learning English phrases such as “I collaborated with others”, shows that you can work effectively as a team and that you can work simultaneously with other people. This is a great trait to have and would show that you also have a wide range of English vocabulary.

8. “Flexible”

It is essential to demonstrate that you can work in a variety of different environments with a wide range of different people and adapt to changes in procedures, external factors and projects. You could describe examples of how you have been flexible in the past. Try practising English phrases using the past tense to describe how flexible you are.

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