Learning English in Liverpool has plentiful benefits. Now, more than ever it is so important for us all to upskill ourselves. There are undoubtedly numerous benefits to being able to speak more than one language and we have given you some motivation to learn English today!

1. Career Prospects

It has been a very tough few months globally for the job market. Having the ability to speak more than one language, will certainly give you an upper hand in the current job market and give you a wider range of jobs at your disposal. International companies often require people who can speak English as a second language. We here at Imagine English want to help you boost your CV by helping you improve your English with our array of affordable courses.

2. Travel the World

Did you know that English is the most spoken language in the world? Your ability to travel globally certainly becomes easier when you can speak English. Even if you are in a country where English is not the native language, the chances are that you will still be able to communicate with the locals in English. You will additionally feel the benefit of being able to travel independently, without the need to rely on a tour guide that speaks your native language.

3. Speak to the World

“The more you practise, the better you get”. 1.5 billion people in the world speak English and there is no better way to get better than practising with the natives. At Imagine English we have spent time finding friendly, welcoming, and local families for our students to live with. They are only happy to help you practise your English.

4. Good for the Mind

Learning another language helps us think in different ways and has cognitive benefits. When we learn another language, we gain the skill of thinking in different ways and provides a greater understanding of other cultures.

5. Enhance your education

Improving your English can have positive effects that can be used whilst learning other skills. According to studies, multi-lingual students acquire higher grades when it comes to comprehension and maths. It is suggested that the cognitive skills that are being practised whilst learning a language can improve your problem-solving skills. Why not make the first step and learn English today?

6. The Language of the Media

Have you often opened an article, searched for a podcast, picked up a magazine on a flight and found that it is in English? There is certainly one language that stands out in the media and that is English. Improving your English will certainly give you the opportunity to access a greater variety of media. We would even suggest using the media as a good form of practising your English. You can visit sites such as BBC and start right away.

7. The Challenge

Let’s face it 2020 has been a challenging enough year for us all. We have all shown great resilience in one of the most challenging times of a generation. We can do anything we put our mind too. This difficult time has really put into perspective that we should all chase our ambitions and what better way to do that than learn English.

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