Intensive Business Seminars -

Intensive Business Seminars

Imagine English Language Academy (Liverpool) has joined with BD Communications (Dublin) to offer a range of intensive group training opportunities. Courses can be held at Imagine English’s Liverpool training centre or in-company.

Training fees are from £995 for a group of up to 12 people.

Each course is 6 hours contact time 9.00 to 16.30.

Introducing leadership

An introduction to the key traits, qualities, styles and skills of effective leadership and making the transition from assigned management to emergent leader.

Transformational leadership

Advanced training in the art of leadership for leaders wishing to transform their organisations, teams or departments.

Managing and leading change

Ideas and strategies for managers leading change in increasing complex and ambiguous business environments.

Time management

Time management is an imperative skill with all of the demands on our time. Develop a true sense of urgency, increase your productivity and reduce your stress and workload with this training course.

Teams and teamwork

Increase your understanding of the functioning of the various types of team; learn how to work in both virtual and face-to-face teams and discover more about team roles.

Presenting and representing

Develop your competence for presenting, giving presentations and speaking publically as well as improving your skills in representing your organisation and team.

Coaching for Managers and Team Leaders

Coaching can be an event, a conversation, an event or a culture. Learn how to utilise coaching strategies for best effect in your workplace to challenge, motivate, change attitudes or increase performance.


Develop the strategies, principles and ideas for negotiating internally and externally, handle conflict creatively, manage your emotions, build relationships and get the best results you can.

Intercultural communication

Working with diversity requires the right mindset, knowledge and skills to communicate across cultures. This training will help your internationalisation and effectiveness when working in diverse teams.

Problem solving, creativity and innovation

Problem solving is a way of thinking as well as having the ability to use a range of scientific and creative tools. Through these tools and approaches, we can increase our innovation for improved results.

Decision making, influencing and conflict handling

Interpersonal skills are vital for success in business. Advance your interpersonal skills in decision making, influencing and conflict handling with this training course.

Effective communication

Communication is about the transmission and reception of information. For working effectively, we must utilise our communication to build relationships. This course will help you get the best from communication.

Effective feedback

Giving and receiving feedback is a vital skill for development and trust. Advance your skills with delivering affirmative and developmental feedback with this course.

Leading meetings

Chairing a meeting well can mean the difference between a meeting’s success or failure. Manage meetings more effectively with this training session.

Virtual teams and virtual communication

Technology has allowed teams to work at dispersed locations. These teams seldom meet but communicate through e-mail, videoconference, conference call and telephone. Maximise your virtual effectiveness.

Business writing

Writing effectively is imperative; whatever you are writing, whether it is a note, instructions or an e-mail, there are various steps you can take to get the best from your business writing.

Writing reports

Reports and proposals are common business writing tasks. To write the best we can, in the most effective way, there are numerous actions we can take.